Quality management representative ad interim

Engaging a quality management representative ad interim makes sense, if critical periods or vacancies have to be bridged. When a change or a new structure is planned or if simply the resources have to be strengthened, an external QMR leads to a boost and backing of the in-house resources. Making good economic sense and by means of the professional competence of Beatrice Schroetter QM Consulting from Hagenbach the outsourcing of sub-processes such as risk management, complaint management, audits, change control or CAPA management lead to a relief of the QM. A temporary quality manager doesn`t involve additional personnel costs.


Low investment costs and no tying-up of captive resources are the economical advantages of external consulting. The undistorted view from outside and the setting of new impulses are a feature of the long-time experienced and highly qualified mode of operation by Beatrice Schroetter QM Consulting.

The advantages of external expertise are:

  • Low Investment Costs
  • No tying-up of captive resources
  • Undistorted view from outside
  • Concepts and recommendations for improvements for your enterprise through years of experience and expertise as a quality manager
  • Enhanced acceptance of an external QMR by the staff
  • Preparation of the management review